Mettawa, IL

With its unique name, derived from Pottawatomi chief Mettaywah, Mettawa, IL is a beautiful, small town taking up only five-and-a-half square miles, bordering Lincolnshire, Libertyville, and west of Lake Forest. Mettawa has a friendly, small-town feel and people who live there and visit appreciate the town's unique ambience and close-knit community.

Mettawa is known for being animal friendly and teeming with nature all around. The open lands and preserve districts are maintained by the Mettawa Open Lands Association (MOLA). In addition, there are five forest preserves — McArthur Woods, Adlai Stevenson Historic Home, Old School, Captain Daniel Wright Woods, and Grainger Woods — that are maintained by the Lake County Forest Preserve District.

The elementary school districts in Mettawa include District #73, (Hawthorn Community Consolidated School District), District #70 (Libertyville School District), District #72 (Roundout Elementary School, and District #103 (Lincolnshire-Prairie Elementary District). The high school districts in Mettawa include District #125 (Adlai Stevenson High School District) and District #128 (Libertyville High School District).

With farms and stables throughout the area, Mettawa is also known for its equestrian life. Sapphire Riding Academy, Always Faithful Stables, and Celebration Farms are a few of the places you can go to enjoy all your equestrian needs. For those looking for equestrian therapy, The Equestrian Connection is well known for their programs for emotionally, mentally, and physically challenged persons.

Whether you love riding horses, enjoy living among nature, or prefer a rural, yet cosmopolitan feel for your family's lifestyle, you’ll enjoy visiting and living in Mettawa.

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